Our production of mushrooms might vary in taste. They can vary from smooth to a bit spicy. Some of them are sweeter and some others have a scent of anise; but they are soft, delicate and consistent.

Our company

Chacra Fatima is a family business which grows and commercializes mushrooms, belonging to the species of Pleurotus Ostreatus, also known as oyster mushrooms.
Our fields are in Capilla del Señor, province of Buenos Aires...

New Recipes

Grilled Oyster mushrooms

Heat the grill. Place the whole mushrooms, with the gills (a series of radially arranged flat surfaces) facing...

Fried battered Oyster mushrooms

Season the mushrooms with salt and pepper. For the batter, mix the plain flour, salt...

Nutrition information on Oyster mushroom

Since the old days, mushrooms have been part of the human life: Chinese, Greeks, Romans…We can find them in our diets today, in large or small quantities, depending on each culture and in all the continents...

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